Genuine ecotourism in Papua

As our core activity, we approach the practical organization of ecotourism or environmentally and socially responsible travel, as a 100 % locally-owned micro-company, trading as independent travel operator with regional focus on the western half of New Guinea Island. Variously known as Papua, West Papua, or Irian Jaya, Indonesian New Guinea is one of the last great tropical wilderness areas left on Earth. We view genuine ecotourism development here as an efficient vehicle to act and expand upon existing conservation priorities, as well as an independent yet complementary means of strengthening and fine-tuning both conservation as community development efforts and policies.


Ecotourism and biodiversity

Field investigations into the potential occurrence of charismatic endemic flag-ship species, as well as general literature surveys of regional distribution patterns and levels of endemicity, yield informed decisions on initial selection and hence development of meaningful ecotourism destinations: those embracing and expanding on existing conservation priorities. To successfully promote a place, destination managers are also increasingly expected to be able to provide details of biodiversity richness at the species level. We have gathered extensive expertise so to assist genuine ecotourism entrepreneurs with rapid assessments or detailed field studies in pursuance of overcoming such challenges.


Web promotion

By providing direct links, at affordable cost, to potential niche markets thinly scattered across the globe, the internet is rapidly transforming conventional business ties between international travel agents or outbound operators on the one hand, and inbound operators or local service providers on the other hand. Increasingly, the latter are competing directly on the internet for the discerning ecotourist's favor. A positive evolution, expected to engender significant redistribution of revenue toward the destination country. We can assist with the design and implementation of multi-lingual web-marketing solutions, enabling independent promotion of genuine ecotourism destinations and products.


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